Friday, 28 November 2014

Debunking Liposuction Myths

One of the best ways to get rid of the so called unsightly bumps and bulges from different parts of your body, which are quite difficult to remove through workouts and diet programs, is liposuction. Although the technique is gaining a lot of popularity with each passing month, there are still quite a few misconceptions pertaining to it that create uncertainty or over expectations in the mind of the people. The main purpose of this article is to debunk some of the common myths related to this procedure which are doing fair bit of rounds in the market these days.
What can perhaps be touted as the biggest myth related to liposculpture in Sydney and other parts of the world is that it is weight loss procedure. If you happen to believe it, then you are highly mistaken because the procedure is not at all meant to be a weight loss tool. And no, it is not going to remove fat all the fat from your body. It was never designed for this purpose. Therefore, if you happen to be an obese person, then you are not an ideal candidate for this procedure. For you to be an ideal candidate, you should be close to your ideal weight. The very reason this procedure was designed was to shave off unsightly adipose tissues from the human body.
Many people go for this fat removal procedure with the belief that once they get this procedure done, they will never gain fat in those areas. As mentioned above, liposuction should never be treated as a permanent fat removal tool. Of course, it will treat those unsightly bulges and lumps but you will have to stick to a healthy diet and workout program to keep such fats at bay. So do not make the mistake of believing that you can eat whatever you want after this surgical fat removal procedure as fat will be back to haunt you if you do not exercise caution and stick to a healthy routine. In fact, a lot of people who did not stick to healthy routine have gone on to become overweight as well after this procedure.
And get rid of the belief that it is only meant for the fairer sex. Had that been the case, men would not be able to get rid of their bulges. But that is not the case as it can treat both women as well as men. There are best rejuvenation clinics available in Sydney for Liposuction treatment.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Different Types of Sun-Damage-Skin Treatments

Strong and direct sunlight can damage skin. In fact, ultra violet rays emit from sun is the main cause responsible for skin cancer. Sun can damage skin and can cause different types of skin-imperfections and problems. Uneven skin-tone and tanned-skin, pigmentation and increasing signs of ageing etc are skim problems that can be arise due to sunlight. People suffering any of the problems need to take best care of their skin. There are different types of Sun-Damage-Skin Treatments are available. All the treatment procedures are categorized under non-surgical-cosmetic treatment based on laser technique. Laser technique based treatments are proved as safe, fast and quick and very effective procedures for people suffering from any sort of skin-problems. Some of the different laser based sun-damage-skin treatments are:
Fraxel Laser Treatment: A process which has been proved great and marked higher success rate for patients seeking skin-repair procedures and skin-rejuvenation-treatments. This procedure involves, penetrating into deeper lawyers of skin which known as dermis. It suitable for all skin conditions and colors and it has proved great treatment for improving signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and sun damage including pigmentation. It has been proved great procedure to treat acne and acne scarring and rosacea.
RevLite Q-Switch Laser Treatment: A type of cosmetic laser technology which is quick and very effective method to freshen skin-complexion.  This procedure helps in encouraging skin’s own collagen to improve skin tone and texture. It helps in reducing ageing signs as well.
IPL or Intense Pulse Light Treatment: This procedure is proved as one of the most powerful and quickest procedures. It involves purposeful and effective cooling system that helps in making it ideal for treating a number of skin conditions such as pigmentation and redness. It actually generates sufficient power, surface cooling and appropriate wavelengths which help in to create enough heat to effectively treat many skin conditions. It can be used to treat skin problems and conditions in all areas of the face and body. It is beneficial to treat or improve facial pigmentation and complexion and sun damage skin and acne. It is also used to for hair removal procedure.
Sun-Damage-Skin Treatment based on laser techniques is performed by expert dermatologists or cosmetic-experts for patients. These procedures are very effective and help in getting rejuvenated, younger looking, healthy and beautiful skin.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pigmentation – Causes and Treatment Procedures

Pigmentation is a sign of ageing. Some other factors are also responsible for pigmentation in skin.
These factors can be:
-    Genetic-issues: this is the factor because some people are born with more freckles compared to others.
-    Sun damage: for most of skin-imperfections and skin-problems the main cause is sunlight. Enough skin exposure in directly sunlight harms skin. UV rays are harmful for skin.
-    Hormonal changes: this can be the cause of pigmentation especially in women. Women face pigmentation problem in skin usually during pregnancy-period.
-    Skin irritation: darker skin is likely to get more pigmentation and hyper pigmentation problems after acne or psoriasis.
Many people get small dark spots, while some develop large areas of discoloration and pigmentation. Pigmentation may cover forehead or cheeks. Pigmentation problems can be treated by cosmetic procedures. In Sydney, expert dermatologists offer types of pigmentation treatment procedure considering what will suit best to patient(s).
•    There are bleaching agents that contain an ingredient called hydroquinone. This ingredient can help even out skin tone. These bleaching creams or agents may take up to 3 to 4 months to be effective.
•    There are procedures of skin peels. One of the effective procedures for pigmentation treatment, skin peel actually is a chemical peel performed by an expert dermatologist. This procedure helps treating pigmentation and even skin-tone.
•    Hyper-pigmentation laser procedure is another effective method. Laser based techniques have prove their efficiency when it comes to treat skin-problems and skin-imperfections.
In Sydney, dermatologists offer pigmentation treatment by facial peels. These procedures are completely safe and secure. The type of chemical peel procedures offered is to correct different types of skin imperfections and conditions. Such skin peels treatments can treat skin problems such as pigmentation, acne and acne scarring. It can treat rosacea and sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure is non-invasive. It is not associated with any pain. And results can be noticed and felt immediately as it effectively improves skin. The chemical peels are derived from effective ingredients and natural products including plants and milk. As many people are allergic and their skin is sensitive to harsh chemicals or preservatives. There are no harsh chemicals and preservatives used in skin peels because they may cause irritation or reactions.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Non-Surgical Procedure for Facelift in Sydney

This is a world of science and technology! Medical science and highly developed technology has made wonders possible. First, plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures and now non-surgical cosmetic treatments have become not less than any miracles. People can restore facial expressions that they may have lost due to ageing, some mishap or accident and may be due to any medication or other surgery. There are several types of non-surgical treatment-procedures are being performed on patients to achieve the look, the appearance they want, they desire. All procedures are performed by highly knowledgeable cosmetic-surgeons or dermatologists.
In this blog the topic of discussion is Non-surgical Facelift and Skin tightening procedures offered by expert medical practitioners in Sydney. Facelift is not only associated with surgical procedure. Yes, it can be done without surgical procedures. That is why it is known as non-surgical facelift- procedure. It is one of the types of cosmetic methods to provide improved facial expressions. This process is performed on patients so that saggy skin can be tightened and a patient can achieve more youthful appearance.  You must be thinking, this is done in the traditional surgical facelift procedure! Yes, surgical method includes the same but it is professed to reduce excess skin and restore a mother and youthful appearance to the face by cutting and removing extra saggy skin. But, in non surgical facelift procedure cosmetic-solution is used. Such solutions are injectable fillers, such as Restylane and Radiesse, or dermal fillers and Botox as well. These cosmetic solutions are used to fill in wrinkles and camouflage sagging skin. And, this way the procedure is performed. Expert surgeon or medical practitioner may suggest patient for laser skin resurfacing and Thermage or other alternative medicinal treatments. Other treatments can be acupuncture method or facial exercises to enhance the effectiveness of treatment and to get desired results.
Non-surgical facelift treatment is quick, fast and safe. It is becoming popular and more popular day by day, especially among people afraid of going under knife (surgical procedures), or who cannot afford expenses of surgical methods. Non-surgical methods are unquestionably cheaper than surgical methods. They are associated with minimal pain as cosmetic solution is injected into muscle with a very fine needle. Over a period of time sessions can be repeated for more effective results. And there is no harm in repeating the sessions. Nevertheless, consultation with expert is must.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Body Sculpting Treatment to Reduce Fat from Body Areas

Tired of exercising! Tired of dieting! Do you dream of reducing fat from your body? Excessive fat in body creates many problems. It can have impacts on your body health. It certainly affects your lifestyle, professional and social life as well. Every one of us wants a perfect body shape. There are some traditional and basic methods to get rid of unwanted fat from body parts that people follow. For example, they do dieting. They do exercises. They go to gym. For some people, these methods works but only when they do it regularly. If they stop it, they may again gain fat in body areas.
Do not worry! Medical Science and Technology has introduced many procedures to solve different problems related to human body. Body Sculpting is one of them. Yes, there are procedures for fat reduction. In Sydney, expert medical practitioners offer options of procedures to treat different problems associated with human body. They offer Fat Reduction procedures as well.  And, the beneficial feature of such procedures is that people can get fat reduced permanently. However, this does not mean they can eat any-thing and unstoppable. They need to take care of eating habits always. Even if they do not undergo such treatments! Well, coming back to procedures for fat reduction, so these types of procedures are permanent, safe and Pain-free. You can undergo treatment for fat reduction in Sydney without any downtime at all. A type of fat reduction procedures for body sculpting is known as CoolSculpting. It has been proved a revolutionary non-invasive procedure. It is performed by experts to specifically target those stubborn, long term bulges around midriff. It is performed to reduce fat from body areas such as belly, waist-line, thighs etc. This procedure involves controlled freezing that destroy fat cells. It can be used upon loose fat rolls or localized areas of fat. It is painless and gives permanent results. This type of body sculpting method to remove unwanted, stubborn and excessive fat from body areas is completely safe as it is clinically proven. It is non invasive. And it is very gentle so that patients will have NO PAIN. What actually happens in this procedure is that a specifically designed applicator cup is used. This cup uses vacuum pressure to draw the area to be treated in-between two cooling panels. This area is then cooled to a very precise temperature. Expert will maintain that temperature for a set amount of time and will ensure that the treatment targets only the fat cells. Repeat sessions may be required that will be suggested by expert if necessary.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Some facts about Cool Sculpting

Getting rid of body fat is no easy task, especially when you have layers of fats accumulated over your body, thus making it extremely difficult to shave them off your body with workouts and diets alone. In such a scenario, most of the people either opt to give up and live with their overweight or obese body or go for fat removal surgeries, which are not only expensive but quiet painful as well. However, if neither of the aforementioned options excites you then there is another effective option on offer which can provide you with desired results without requiring you to go under the knife. The technique that is being referred to is known as cool sculpting. It is a revolutionary technique that is being used to erase those fatty layers from the body, and the highlighting feature of this procedure is that it is absolutely non-invasive! This is what makes this treatment so very popular in Sydney as people can now tone up their bodies without spending thousands of dollars on expensive fat removal surgeries such as liposuction and spending weeks in bed nursing the wounds inflicted by such surgical options.

The very next question that might pop up in your head would be – What is Cool Sculpting?

As mentioned earlier, this is a non invasive procedure that is used for the purpose of removal of fat cells from the body. As the name suggests, the technique involves freezing of fat cells without causing any sort of damage to the surrounding cells and organs. Being a completely non invasive procedure, the use of anesthesia is not required. The procedure involves the usage of a special machine which is placed on the problem areas. This machine freezes the fats cells and leads to their death without having any sort of adverse impact on surrounding tissues. However, the only downside of the procedure is that you will have to wait for a couple of weeks, if not more, to get the results. But when you compare the benefits of the procedure, you will find that they easily outnumber the downsides.

This procedure does not require a lot of time – just a couple of hours and you will be done with it. In most cases, not more than a couple of sessions are required to get the results. However, if you have an obese body, then you might not be a suitable candidate for the procedure as it is only capable of treating some problem areas with uneven fat distribution.