Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Myths about face fillers

It is strange how some common misconceptions and myths about certain products become so very prominent that people start to treat them like facts. That is pretty much the case with lip enhancement and face filler products in Sydney (and probably others parts of the globe as well). The real problem with these myths is that a majority of them make people either raise their expectations level or bog them down to the extent that they get a bit too scared to go for the treatment in the first place. In order to save you from such a situation, we have tried to melt away some of the common misconceptions surrounding facial fillers. So take a look at them and free yourself from the cobwebs of your mind.
The first myth is related to aging. A lot of people tend to believe that just because every individual ages pretty much the same way, so the same set of products would provide them with same results. The fact is that we do ‘not’ age in the same manner. Therefore, it is important customize your facelift or anti aging treatment. A lot of factors come into play and they decide how we are going to age. So a one size fits all kind of strategy does not work with facelift or lip enhancement procedures.
The second myth is related to the efficacy of the fillers. There is a growing tendency among people to give more importance to the fillers than the experts who are actually administering them. This stems from the belief that fillers are fillers. So no matter where you get the treatment from, they are going to provide you with the same set of results every single time. This is nothing but a huge misconception as the doctor who is administering the filler plays a very important role in deciding the outcome of the treatment. You need to ensure that the clinic where you are getting the lip enhancement treatment form has experts who have years of experience in the field. Else, you might have to face some adverse effects that are usually the result of wrong application or over dose of such products.
Also, do no treat fillers as the ideal replacement of facelifts. After certain age, such products do not prove to be very effective. At that time, surgical facelifts prove to be the best option to get rid of wrinkles. 

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