Thursday, 10 July 2014

Debunking a common myth related to non-surgical cosmetic treatments

There are certain kinds of myths surrounding the so called non surgical methods such as body contouring and cool sculpting. These procedures have always carried an aura of mysticism with themselves. And though there is absolutely no denying of the fact that such treatments could just not be compared to the surgical procedures a couple of decades ago, the advent of latest and advanced technologies in the field have now made it possible for us to understand the human body in a much better way. Today, cosmetologists and doctors can provide you with amazing and unbelievable results even through non surgical procedures like body contouring, cool sculpting, etc, which was only possible through surgeries a few years ago.
So if you are sitting on the fence unable to decide as to whether you should go for such non surgical cosmetic procedures or not, rest assured that in most of the cases you will get results which would be as good as the ones provided through surgical options. You need not have to worry about going under the knife and spending days in bed after the surgery as these non surgical procedures like cool sculpting and body contouring are capable of leaving you pleasantly surprised with astonishing results.
Here are some criteria based on which we tried challenge the myth as to whether non surgical cosmetic treatments are not as effective as cosmetic ones.
  • We found that most of the cosmetologists these days recommend cool sculpting, body contouring or other non surgical treatments and advise patients to avoid surgeries as much as possible, due to the fact that the former treat the same condition without requiring the patients to shed a single drop of blood
  • In certain cases, non surgical cosmetic procedures prove to be more effective than their counterparts. However, it depends on the condition that you want to treat. Removal of fats from certain areas of the body such as thighs or belly can effectively be achieved through cool sculpting.
  •  In case you are worried about its side effects, then you can afford to keep your worries aside as these adverse effects, if any, are quite mild and usually disappear after a short period of time.So, the myth has been dispelled. The only point you need to keep in mind is that the results would depend on the type of condition you want to treat through such procedures.

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