Monday, 6 October 2014

Fraxel Laser – A Revolutionary Skin Treatment

The usage of lasers in a variety of cosmetic procedure cannot be considered as new. They are being used in scores of skin related treatments, especially when it comes to the removal of pigments or treatment of sun damaged skin. These high tech treatments have gained quite a bit of recognition in the recent times owing to the way they have proved effective. However, not a long ago, these treatments were avoided by people as they often proved quite expensive and painful. Much of it has changed since the introduction of Fraxel Lasers, which is now being known as one of the gentlest skin related treatment on offer these days. The reason behind its popularity is that it helps people get a blemish free and flawless skin without causing any sort of discomfort whatsoever. If you are seeking the treatment for sun damaged skin then Fraxel Laser is a great option for you.

What is Fraxel Laser

Like most of the skin resurfacing treatments, Fraxel lasers work on the principle of inflict controlled damage to the upper layer of the skin called epidermis, which in turn leads to the stimulation of certain natural proteins present inside the skin such as collagen. This not only leads to the natural healing of skin but also treats certain skin related problems such as hyper pigmentation, acnes, scars and sun damaged skin.

What makes Fraxel Lasers different from older lasers?

Most of the lasers used a decade or so ago made use of one solid laser beam which sometimes led to severe and irreparable skin damage. With the advent and introduction of Fraxel laser, a lot has changed. These advanced lasers make use of microscopic laser beams unlike the older lasers which used single laser beams for treating skin related problems. This has led to huge difference as the patients receiving fraxel lasers do not experience any sort of discomfort whatsoever due to microscopic laser beams being directed at their skin. So you are not going to feel any sort of pain during the treatment. The older lasers, on the other hand, felt like bee stung which often proved unbearable for some patients, if not all.

Although the results of both the treatments are pretty much the same, but the major difference between the two lies in the fact that fraxel laser is absolutely painless. Therefore, you need not worry about recovery time as this treatment requires no downtime, which is a huge benefit in itself for people seeking treatment for sun damaged skin.


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