Thursday, 18 December 2014

Old Lasers vs Fraxel Lasers

The high tech lasers have long been used for the purpose of the treatment of a variety of skin related problems. And their usage is not new or recent. The laser assisted machines have quickly gone on to gain the reputation of being one of the most effective therapies to treat certain skin related complications, if not all. Although there was a time when laser based treatments proved to be not only painful but also time consuming. Moreover, the recovery period of such treatments was quite long. It was because of these reasons that not many people used to opt for it. However, the entire scenario changed after 2003 when fraxel lasers were introduced in the market for the very first time. And the highlighting feature of this treatment is the fact that it is one of the gentlest cosmetic laser treatments ever to be introduced in the history of human kind. These lasers are not only gentle and safe but prove to be the perfect solution for blemish free skin that requires almost zero downtime.

As far as the underlying principle of most of the skin resurfacing laser based treatments is concerned, there does not exist much of a difference. They work on the principle of causing intentional damage to the skin in order to trigger its natural healing mechanism so that one can get absolutely spotless and flawless skin, that too in the shortest possible time without facing any sort of pain or discomfort both during and after the treatment. 

One of the fundamental differences between older lasers and fraxel lasers is that older lasers tend to cause a significant damage to the skin in order to achieve the desired results. Older lasers used one solid laser beam which inflicted quite a bit of damage to the skin. The highly advanced fraxel lasers being used in certain skin care clinics in Sydney, on the other hand, utilize several microscopic laser beams which is hugely in contrast to the one solid laser beam of older laser machines. So instead of getting the feeling of being hit but a huge rod or something, fraxel lasers prove to be very gentle on the skin of the patients. The beams used in this high tech machine are so microscopic or ultrathin that the patient undergoing the treatment does not feel it at all. And the best part is that the results are similar to the ones that of older laser machines.

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