Thursday, 15 January 2015

Important facts about thermage

There exist quite a few myths about a skin treatment called thermage. Many people even doubt its very efficacy as they question every time whether this form of treatment actually works or not. And when they get a yes as an answer, they give a totally surprised look as if they never expected it to work for them. In order to make people like you more educated about this advances skin treatment, this article has been written and it will provide you with not only or two but multiple facts about this wonderful treatment which has become quite popular in places like Sydney these days. Hopefully, this article will also provide you with answers to your questions or doubts related to thermage.

So the first question that you might want to ask is whether such a treatment actually work or not. The answer is a loud yes, and reasons will be provided in the following sections and paragraphs of this article.

Thermage is basically a skin tightening treatment that makes use of radio frequencies to treat a variety of skin related problems which people tend to suffer with at some point of time or the other. These radio frequencies easily penetrate into the skin and their interaction with tissues produces heat. It is this heating up process that triggers the collagen chain, which in turn instantly tightens the skin and makes it look a lot younger than its actual age. Another important reason why your skin appears to be tight after the treatment is because it also causes a bit of swelling. However, such type of swelling automatically resolves with a couple of days time period.

The burning and denaturing of collagen triggers a chain reaction which leads to the production of fibroblasts, which again produce collagen and the cycle goes on for a considerable period of time, thus benefiting the skin considerably. However, if you are expecting instant or quick results from this treatment, then you are surely headed towards disappointment because the results take at least a couple of months time for everyone to see and believe. In some cases, immediate results might be seen but usually the process triggered by thermage treatment is long term. As the chain reaction will continue for a few months time period, you are very likely to see improvement in your skin for a period of at least a period of 6 months.

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