Monday, 2 February 2015

Fat reduction misconceptions

When it comes to misconceptions and myths about fat loss and fat reduction treatments and remedies, there are so many that it is almost impossible to count them on fingers. For instance, you might have been told a million times that if you do not spend at least an hour on cardio every single day at your gym, then you will not burn much fat and would not see much of a difference around that belly region of yours that has been witnessing some sort of inflation in the past. One of the problems with these myths is that not only are they baseless but also give rise to a lot of confusions.

In addition, they also sometimes give false hopes to people, especially the ones who are trying hard to lose fat. So it is not only a waste of time but effort as well. And then there are also some people who use these misconceptions as justification for not sticking to their diet and workout regimen. They use it as a medium to justify their occasional treats, which in turn does them more harm than good both in the short and long run.

One of the most popular fat reduction myth in Sydney is that if you want to lose weight then the first thing you got to do in the morning is to do cardio, that too on an empty stomach. This is not true at all as you do not necessarily have to hit the treadmill 4.30 am every single morning. If you like to do workout in the morning then do it but do not make the mistake of treating it as some sort of a magical time. You can get the same results by working out in the evenings as well. The important thing is to stick to a strict workout regiment and diet plan. So allow your common sense to dictate terms more than anything else.

Another fat removal myth that a lot of people have is that if you are keen to lose fat that do cardio in your fat burning zone. However, the fact is that sticking to this plan might help you burn a lot of calories as fat but it will not prove much useful as it will burn fewer calories overall. Instead, increase the intensity of you workout if you want to burn more fat and see good results.

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