Monday, 23 February 2015

What is Fraxel Laser Treatment

If you are recently experiencing some skin related problems such as acnes, scars or pigmentation, then the usage of branded cosmetic products might not prove to be very useful for you as it will not make much of a difference to your skin. In such a case, a very advanced and effective non invasive treatment called fraxel lasers should prove effective as it can easily revive your skin and give it a very radiant and smooth look with even texture. Fraxel laser treatments are fast becoming a go to treatment in Sydney. It has especially gained popularity after the news of several celebrities going for such a treatment surfaced in the past few weeks. Many of the celebrities have also spoken about it with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Courtney Fox being outspoken fans of such a treatment. If the evenly textured and smooth skins of celebrities across the world is anything to go by, then it should not come as a surprise at all to see why this non invasive treatment is becoming so very popular in Sydney and other major cities of the world.

Fraxel lasers are best known for their ability to erase and wipe off several skin related problems including brown spots, freckles and pigmentation along with improved skin tone and texture. This treatment has also shown great results in the reduction of scars and wrinkles, especially around the neck and eye area.

When it comes to developing a basic understanding of this non invasive cosmetic treatment, many people get confused as they make things a bit too complicated. But Fraxel is a sort of treatment that is not at all difficult to understand  provided it is described in the right manner. It is actually a type of fractional laser treatment which penetrates through the upper layer of the skin almost like light passes through transparent glass. The lasers then reach the dermis layer of the skin and create thousands of thermal damage underneath the skin. Once such microscopic damage is inflicted, it stimulated the natural healing process of the body which in turn produces collagen. This process also leads to the replacement of the damaged skin with new epidermal skin which is healthier and smoother.

So what that basically means is that fraxel lasers create several microscopic columns of damage which triggers the self healing process of the skin, which creates new cells and collagen, thus resulting in healthier and younger appearance.

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