Tuesday, 17 March 2015

3 myths about cool sculpting

Not every individual on this planet earth is blessed with a toned and fit body. There are many among us who yearn for that sculpted body every single day, and despite spending hours in the gym and indulging in rigorous physical activities, many people still continue to erase those extra layers of fat from their body. However, freaking out at those fats leaking out from your clothing from every angle is not going to solve the purpose.
What you really need is action. And there are quite a few procedures on offer these days which can help you get rid of the stubborn fat. But if the very idea of going under the knife to achieve the objective freaks you out, then cool sculpting is one procedure that might prove to be the best option for you. It is also important to save yourself from misconceptions so that you can make the right and informed decision without clouds of confusions and fear clogging up your mind.

• Myth 1: Cool Sculpting removes sagginess
Fact: People should not confuse cool sculpting with liposuction because this form of treatment does not really have an impact on the laxity of the skin. What this procedure basically does is remove fat debris from your body by freezing the fat cells to death. However, this does not have any sort of impact on the elasticity or laxity associated with the skin. In fact, any sort of flabbiness that you might already have might become a bit more obvious after the treatment. So it is important that you do indulge yourself in rigorous physical activities and stick to strict diet plan to keep your body in the right shape after the treatment.

• Myth 2: Cool Sculpting Treatment offers long term results
Fact: It is also among the most common misperceptions that exist in the minds of people about cool sculpting. And it is the one that often leads to disappointments as well because people stop spending time at gyms after the treatment. The fact is that it is important to stick to a healthy routine after the treatment, else the fats removed can come back to haunt you again.

• Myth 3: Cool Sculpting leaves permanent scars
Fact: Although it is true that you might be left with some marks on your body after you step out of the cool sculpting clinic in Sydney, but they are not going to stay with you forever.

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