Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Xeomin Treatment in Sydney

Wrinkles on facial skin are commonly due to ageing. Ageing is a natural process. This is an ongoing process which is uncontrollable. But its side effects or negative impacts that we call signs of ageing on skin can be controlled.  A type of non-surgical cosmetic anti-wrinkle treatments is available. This procedure is known as Xeomin anti-wrinkle treatment. The treatment is being performed by highly expert cosmetic surgeons or practitioners in Sydney. The procedure is perfect to treat different types of skin problems and imperfections other than wrinkles.

This procedure is beneficial treating frown lines that we also know as worry or anger lines and crow’s feet, puckering lines around the lips and bunny lines that appear at the top of the nose and also armpits, soles of the feet etc to prevent perspiration. Xeomin treatment is actually a process in which a type of solution or a muscle-relaxing solution is injected to the area that needs to be treated.

The solution is injected in a very small a quantity with the help of a very small needle. A series of small injections are injected into individual muscles in an area containing wrinkles. The solution prevents the muscles from making unnecessary and undesirable facial expressions that lead stopping the further creasing the skin.

The procedure takes around 10-15 minutes per session. The duration may vary, it can extend or fall short, completely depending on the size and number of areas need to be treated. No pain is associated with the method however little pinching sensation as injections are placed.  To make sure patient is at completely comfort, ice is used to numb each spot prior to injection. No anesthesia is required. Little redness and faint needle-prick marks are some side effects but are completely normal and temporary.

These go away within a few minutes. And recovery is immediate.  People can also wear make immediately to hide the redness or spots. And results are shown in three to seven days after the procedure. The procedure is not permanent but it can be repeated for more effective results and there is no harm in repeating the sessions.

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