Wednesday, 17 June 2015

An overview of skin tightening treatment

There is a whole range of skin tightening treatments on offer these days. Therefore, it is an exciting time for all the look and skin conscious people as they can opt for a number of treatments to get rid of the flaws in their skin and enhance their beauty in a safe and effective manner. Thermage skin tightening treatment is one such procedure that offers people a non-surgical option to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines from their face. It is a very effective procedure to eliminate certain visible signs of ageing and repairing the damaged skin, that too in a non-surgical way. Thermage treatment makes use of a radiofrequency device that can stimulate collagen, in turn making the skin more succulent and firm than ever before and helping in restoring youthful appearance.During the course of this treatment, the top layer of the skin will remain protected as a cooling spray is applied on it so as to minimize the effect of this treatment on the skin’s uppermost layer. The thermo cool wand is used for the treatment that heats up the inner layer of the skin with its radioactive energy. It is this heat component of the treatment that stimulates the deeper layers of the skin to provide a boost to the collagen production, which in turn leads to immediate tightening of the skin.

This treatment is an outpatient treatment that takes no more than an hour to complete. You might experience some sort of heat sensations during the procedure but they can be easily tolerated. Also, the doctors use cooling sprays throughout the course of the treatment so as to ensure that the discomfort level is minimized as much as possible. So you need not worry about experiencing pain or discomfort during the treatment.Now you might be wondering how much time it takes for the skin to recover from such a treatment. The good news is that you can resume your normal day to day activities immediately after the treatment. However, what you do need to ensure is to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for at least a week’s time after the procedure as the inner layers of the skin do become a bit sensitive after this skin tightening treatment. So you need to give it enough time to heal and become normal again.

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