Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Some surprising myths about lip fillers

Do you ever wonder why some of the hottest celebrities have fuller lips which make them sexier than others? Well, it might surprise you a bit but most of them actually go for lip filler treatments so as to make their lips fuller and hence sexier. However, what is equally surprising is the fact that many women do not opt for such treatments despite their widespread popularity because of some sort of inhibitions related to this treatment, which is usually a result of myths or misconceptions they suffer with. In case, you are also hesitant to approach a skin care clinic for such a treatment, then this post would help you a great deal in getting rid of such baseless fears and inhibitions.
When it comes to lip fillers result can trout pouts. Perhaps the reason behind such a misconception is celebs like Leslie Ash and Jessica Simpson whose unusual lip treatment has acted as a deterrent for many women who once considered going for lip filler treatments at some point of time in their lives. However, their results was not because of the side effects or inefficacy of these fillers but because of over treatment of their lips and inexperienced hands of the practitioner. This is the reason why it is very important to choose the physician carefully before going for any type of cosmetic treatment as their level of expertise and experience can make or break things for you.

Another misconception among people is that the dermal fillers can cause pillow face, which is a term used for overly plumped out face. Some of the popular celebs such as Madonna and Carla Bruni have been regularly been a victim of verbal attack by the media for their inflated appearance. Again, the problem is not with the fillers but with the quantity that is to be administered. It is always better to under treat and then go for more additions if required to get the desired results rather than opting for over treatment and ending up with an unnatural and fake appearance.

And if you are worried about such treatments being very painful, then there is no point in being worried at all because such products also contain anesthetic which ensure that the patient experiences minimal discomfort during the treatment.

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