Friday, 24 April 2015

Anti Wrinkle Treatment in Sydney

Anti Wrinkle Treatment is a type of non-surgical cosmetic procedure. It is performed by highly expert cosmetic medical practitioners or cosmetic surgeons at their clinic. The procedure is performed to correct wrinkle. Wrinkles appear in skin because of different factors such as ageing, hormonal changes, external harmful factors such as sun exposure and facial expressions and muscle movements. These can be corrected by anti wrinkle treatment. Remember, the procedure is not a permanent solution to get rid of wrinkles. But it works greatly. The effect of the treatment lasts longer. And, the procedure requires repeat treatments in order to keep the effectiveness lasts longer for greater results. Let’s now understand about the procedure.

Anti-wrinkle treatment is a simple non-surgical process. A cosmetic solution is used in the procedure. This solution is injected under the skin in areas where the wrinkles should be removed or diminished. This process is painless and takes only a few minutes. The solution blocks the nerve that contract muscles. In result, this softens appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other type of skin problems. The procedure is painless but little discomfort is associated which is tolerable. A pinching sensation due to injections is expected. Some side effects are associated as well but remarkably the side effects are completely normal (these are due to injections) and are temporary.

Patient is expected to have little redness, swelling and bruising in the area which has been treated. These side effects disappear in a day or two after procedure. Make up can be worn to hide these side effects. Patient needs to be a good candidate to go under this procedure. A proper consultation is conducted by the expert. Patient is required to share all medical health conditions with expert. After determining and evaluating patient’s medical history, present health condition, skin imperfections (its severity) and patient’s requirements, expert will suggest a patient for the procedure.

If a patient has any type of infection in the area that require anti-wrinkle treatment, then a patient is not a good candidate. That is why proper check-up is done and then experts suggest the treatment and go ahead with the procedure. In Sydney, highly experienced cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic medical practitioners or dermatologists perform variety of such treatments for people in need.

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