Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Debunking some age old cool sculpting myths

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a naturally athletic body. Therefore, no matter how many hours we spend at gym pumping iron or eating balanced diet, the huge chunk of fat accumulated in different parts of our body just refuses to go away. And the worst and perhaps the most depressing state is when your favorite apparels fit you no more as you can clearly see fat leaking out from all areas the moment you wear them. There are a variety of methods which you can employ to get rid of such sort of obstinate fat in Sydney. However, not all such methods prove effective on every individual. Therefore, it is really important to know that which one of these choices would bring you the best results.

If you are really serious about achieve a lean body without going under the knife, then cool sculpting is easily one of the quickest and most effective options on offer for you. However, before you pick up your phone to make an appointment at the nearest skin care clinic in Sydney for such treatment, you should steer away from some common myths related to cool sculpting. Here are a few that you should be aware of.

• Myth 1: Cool Sculpting can remove sagginess from your skin

Fact: In sharp contrast to surgical procedure like liposuction, cool sculpting does not have much impact on the laxity of the skin. The procedure works by permanently hunting down the fat cells in the target areas by freezing them to death, but it will not do much to remove sagginess of the skin. So if you already have a sagging skin, then you must be prepared to encounter this problem even more post this treatment. However, you can improve this condition by working out and sticking to a diet plan on a regular basis.

• Myth 2: Results of Cool Sculpting last for a life time

Fact: Although it is true that cool sculpting permanently damages and kills certain fat cells, but it does not mean that fat cannot accumulate in your body after this treatment. You will have to stick to a healthy daily routine to keep your body fit and devoid of excess fat. If you go back to gorging on junk food, then fat will certainly conquer your body once again. So go for this treatment only if you are prepared to indulge in physical activities daily after the treatment.

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