Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Lip Augmentation Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure

There are different types of cosmetic procedures. And these procedures are categorized as cosmetic surgical methods and non-surgical cosmetic methods. In this blog, the topic of discussion is a type of non-surgical cosmetic procedure which is done to give a person fuller and plumper lips. Lip Augmentation is the name of the procedure. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure involves use of an injectable lip-filler. There are different types of such cosmetic solutions or fillers are available such as dermal fillers that are injected in person’s lips and around mouth. These fillers are made from natural substance that helps in to increase volume in lips. These lip-fillers can improve the appearance of lips by adding shape, structure and volume.
Let’s understand the benefits of the lip-augmentation non-surgical procedure:

• The biggest advantage is that the procedure is non-surgical so there is no use of surgical tools and equipment with which people are scared off.

• In the procedure, no cuts and no stitches are required.

• The procedure is associated with no pain. However, a little discomfort and pinching sensation are expected that are due to injections which is again tolerable.

• Lip fillers are injected in the lips to give shape, structure and volume

• Lip filler is injected in a very small quantity

• And a very fine needle is used to make sure patient is at maximum ease and comfort
• The results are great if done perfectly. So make sure that highly expert cosmetic surgeon or medical practitioner in cosmetic industry is performing the procedure

• The procedure is not a permanent solution

• The filler loses its effectiveness over a period of time

• But the treatment can be repeated in order to achieve more effective and long lasting results
• There is no harm in repeating the treatment

• Some side effects are associated with the procedure but these are completely normal and temporary. Little redness, bruising and swelling are expected because of injections
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